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At Tiger Eye Wellbeing we help people live to their full potential. By reducing stress between a person's mind and body, you allow health and healing to take place, the ultimate recipe for wellbeing. 

We focus on addressing all areas of wellbeing, bringing together mental, physical and emotional wellbeingBecause it is when these forms of wellbeing are all in balance, we can move away from pain and disease and towards the life you want to live. 


Tiger Eye is a crystal and it helps with knowing what you desire in life and taking the action to go and get it. This knowing and action, combined with focusing on overall wellbeing, brings about the best possible version of ourselves and our best possible lives.

This is what we want to help you attain!





Kinesiology is a way to allow the body to return to its natural balance. We don't simply deal with symptoms in these sessions. We put together all your symptoms and make connections between them so we can understand the underlying cause to the symptoms. 

By determining the cause of stress in the mind or body, rather than only dealing with symptoms, we can create long term positive changes to your life.

We focus on changing the way you react to stress and allow you to move forward with your life. 

Some modalities expect you to make several massive life changes all at once, such as changing diets and starting exercise and taking supplements. With me the focus is on making small changes that fit into your lifestyle so you gradually make changes that benefit you. 

Restorative Massage

Full body Aromatherapy Massage allows the whole body to feel revitalised, rejuvenated and to realign from head to toe.

This is truly heaven on earth whilst also getting into every muscle to bring about balance and restore function. 

With the aromatherapy component of this massage, I use specific essential oils to allow you to relax, feel energised or balance or simply to help with whatever stress you are currently experiencing.

This is why this massage is so beneficial for the body as well as the mind. 

Body Therapy

Body Therapy involves deeper tissue massage, Bowen Therapy and/or Dry Needling.

The form of Bowen Therapy used is called Neuro-Structural Technique (NST) whereby small movements over muscles and tendons reset the nervous and muscular systems to remove pain, restore proper posture and balance through the body.

Dry Needling is beneficial for any disturbance to the physical body resulting in pain and muscle imbalance. It is also used over acupressure points to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge with pain related issues. 

At Tiger Eye Wellbeing We Specialise in Helping With:
  • Stress and Overwhelm

  • Anxiety

  • Performance anxiety for example during sport and exams

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Life trauma

  • Learning difficulties

  • Emotions such as anger, guilt, grief

  • General sense of having lost yourself and needing to find your new direction

Fatigue Program
Booking an Appointment
Sports Performance Program

The Energy Management Program is an online program focusing on making small changes to your lifestyle to make big changes in your energy levels. These changes are aimed at starting with the small things in our lifestyle we can tweak to get more energy as we shouldn't have to start making huge lifestyle changes when little things can do the trick. 

Being an online program you do this program by yourself and have a deep discovery phone call with me after the first 30 days and then a wrap up call at the end of the program. 

For more information you can email michelle@tigereyewellbeing.com.au and write "Energy Program" in the subject. 

You can always call to talk about how I can specifically help you in an obligation free call on 0401 638 067.

Alternatively to book an appointment is simple by clicking the below link. You will be taken to my booking page. Find a suitable appointment time and complete your personal details. I currently work in Belrose on Thursdays.


Find your Mental Edge through the program that will change your mental game for sports performance. Mental resilience and control over your emotions is generally the last thing to be thought about in sports performance as we get into running drills and training in the gym. And when you start looking at the mental side of your game it can be very expensive to work with a sports psychologist. 

This is an inexpensive program that will teach you how your brain is wired and then take you through techniques that will help you gain control when you need it most to perform. 

For more information or to purchase the program please go to https://michellefarnill.kartra.com/page/GDj5



Tiger Eye Wellbeing is owned and run by Michelle Farnill, who completed her Certificate IV in Kinesiology in 2014. After going to a kinesiologist in 2012 and having an emotional breakthrough in the first session, she knew this was something she was interested in as a career. She completed a dual Diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine. She also has completed studies for an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Complementary Medicine after a double Degree in Human Movement and Social Science (Psychology). 

Michelle has previously worked for many years with people who have intellectual disabilities, supporting them to learn skills to live independently. And has taught Kinesiology, Reflexes, Brain Function and Energetic Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine. 

I am also an international hockey umpire and have been working through the Australian national system since 2006. I have a great knowledge in the mental side of sports performance, both from personal experience and professional knowledge. 


"There’s something about Michelle! Somehow she can take what seems like the most complex overwhelming dramas in my life and simplify and connect it all in one or two sentences and help me with the solution. I am happy to pay someone very good money for this! Since seeing Michelle I have been able to value my true self more across all areas of my life which has infinite effects on my stress levels and overall health. I’ve never been healthier or happier". 


Rachel S, HR Business Partner

Michelle is an exceptional healer. I am continually inspired by her abilities and perception. She has helped me so much on my path of personal growth. And I highly recommend her to anyone that needs support with their physical mental or spiritual health.

Emma C, Chiropractor



How long will an appointment take?


Adult appointments are booked in for an hour with extra time being allowed for the initial consultation if required. These sessions are $150.

A massage is generally an hour (you can request a different time length if you would like) and a Body Therapy session is booked in for 45 minutes as it is more targeted to an injury. Both are $100 per appointment. 



Firstly, it is recommended for the primary care giver to have an appointment by themselves first before the child comes in. This means the primary care giver understands what happens in an appointment and we can ensure your comfort level with me and the clinic. 
Initial appointments for children are an hour and then we can discuss whether half an hour or hour appointments are best for your child. Parents are of course welcome at all appointments.

How often will I need an appointment?

To really start rebuilding yourself it is advised to have more regular appointments to begin with. Depending on your personal requirements, weekly or fortnightly appointments are what is recommended for at least 4 appointments. This is because too long between appointments means you return to your previous level of pain or behaviour patterns and this would be detrimental to your progress. 

This is why I offer 5 appointments for the price of 4 (saving you $100-$150), so you can make the commitment to yourself to make your wellbeing an important part of your life for the next 4 to 8 weeks. 

Do I have to come into clinic to see you?
With the Kinesiology appointments we can do them online. This remote option is great as it means you don't have to come into clinic to get the benefits of seeing a practitioner. For an explanation of how online appointments work please have a read of this article I wrote:


Where do you work out of?

Wednesday and Thursday - 2/9 Narabang Way, Belrose

(working within Natural Health Works)

Saturday - 1789 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale (working within HealthSpace Clinics). Call me on 0401 638 067 to book in for this clinic. 

Do I need to wear anything in particular?

It would be advisable to wear comfortable clothes as we may need to do assessments on muscles which involves placing limbs in certain positions. Nothing too tight or restrictive and no short skirts or dresses.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, credit card payments are available.

Is there parking?

There is visitor off street parking available. The easiest place to park is to go into the driveway of number 7 Narabang Way and on the right hand side of the driveway there are plenty of bays to park in. 

Health Fund Rebates

Private health fund rebates are not available for these appointments. If you ask my clients, the benefits of appointments with me out weight the limited amount you could claim. This is also why I offer 5 appointments for the price of 4 as that would be a similar discount you would have gotten previously with health funds. 

How do I book?

To book you can call Michelle on 0401 638 067

Email at michelle@tigereyewellbeing.com 

For Belrose (Wednesday and Thursday appointments) you can book by clicking here: https://michellefarnill.youcanbook.me




For any enquiries or questions, please call, email or fill out the following form.


Tel: +61 401 638 067

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