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New Year but How do You do a New You?

Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Finally we have reached a new calendar year and a new lunar year.

I really like Lunar New Year as it gets us back into alignment with nature.

For many Eastern cultures the emphasis is on the Lunar year rather than the Calendar year, because before the calendar the moon cycles were easily trackable ;)

So again we get to ask ourselves, what will this year bring you?

What are you aiming for?

I generally like to set up a Word for the year. This is my guiding light and anchor point in what I am doing and how I want to be feeling for the next year.

The way I like to find this word is to sit quietly in nature and think...

How do I want to feel this year?

In my personal life, at work, and in my hobbies, what does the year look like?

For me 2022 was about GROWTH and although this seems positive, growth can also push us in different directions causing a shake up which definitely happened.

This year for me is about POTENTIAL. Reaching my potential in all areas of my life and helping my clients do the same.

That's an easy way to find a word for the year and make decisions around your life based on pursuing that word.

So jumping back into the Lunar New Year, how does the energy of the New Moon affect your year and your goals?

It is Year of the Rabbit! The Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, prosperity, peace, calm and harmony. All in all this is a year of HOPE!! Maybe you will even consider Hope to be your word of the year?!? I have organised some personal goals around the Year of the Rabbit that also fit into my word of the year POTENTIAL. Let me explain... I want to reach my potential in all areas of my life (and help my clients do the same). Now for sport I want to reach my potential and part of that is having longevity through some tournaments this year. So to help my longevity I am running everyday until the end of March. This for me is long enough to complete one tournament and set up a habit that will then likely carry me through more months after March. It is also not too overwhelming for me. I feel GOOD about this goal. It isn't scary or make me go arrrrrrgh. And I have set up the distance I want to run each day which I also believe is totally doable. And then it is as simple as doing that minimum distance every day. Doesn't matter how long I take to do it (trust me some days already have been slow runs), but it just matters that I feel I can do it everyday. What could this look like for you??

For you this could mean looking at your goals for 2023 differently now that we have the Lunar New year energy as well... Do you want to develop longevity? At work, in your health? Or do you need discipline to maintain your longevity and reach your goals? Rabbits are social things and harmony is vital. Do you need to work better with others? Change your communication or awareness of your reactions to build better relationships? And finding inner peace and calm, what does this look like for you? A quiet walk, a bath, meditation, yoga, watching sunrise? It could be anything but how will you actively create peace and calm for yourself?

If you need any help finding your dreams or goals for this year and maintaining motivation for them then please book in an appointment with me. We can make sure your mind and body are on the same page with how you want to feel this year and you will get less distracted along the way.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions -

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