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What the Hell is Kinesiology?????

It’s a great question! And seriously guys, I get it. I walked out of my first kinesiology session as a client going “what just happened” and “what is that Kinesiology thing”. So let’s sort this confusion out together.

When you break it down kinesiology is the scientific study of the movement of the body and can address many elements or parts of the body. This is the technical description but now let me give you something a little more helpful.

The description I give to people in clinic is; you know how you ask someone to sit down when you are about to tell them some bad news. The reason we do this is because it is possible they would hear the news and instantly drop to the ground. This happens because under normal, every day circumstances the brain is communicating to the leg muscles saying, “stay contracted to keep us standing”. However what can happen when we hear bad news, the brain focuses all its attention onto that stressful information and brain simply stops communicating to the leg muscles, hence we faint or drop to the ground. This is a biofeedback loop that happens in our body millions and billions of times every day to help us to function.

Kinesiology is a really simplified version of this biofeedback loop, we use the connection your muscles have with your brain to determine where there is stress and dysfunction in the body. When we place stress on the mind and body we will see this connection between brain and muscle disappear. This stress can be talking about something emotionally charged, touching an area of the body that has pain, touching a part of the body that isn’t working optimally such as the digestive system.

I then utilise this biofeedback loop to find all the stress in your body relating to a certain issue or feeling and find the true cause of this stress.

Stress can be different for everyone but what I focus on helping is stress related to:

  • General stress and feeling overwhelmed

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Learning difficulties – left and right confusion, speech issues, balance issues etc

  • Brain function – concentration, memory, focus etc

  • Performance in sport and for exams

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

Once we know what we are working on, for example anxiety, we take time to connect all the stress sensations in your body, such as the butterflies in your belly, a racing mind, heart palpitations, throbbing pain in your head, feelings of dread or just total fear. Now our individual reactions to stress (in this instance anxiety) are different because each of our experiences are different and our minds and bodies process daily events differently. This means with kinesiology have a real focus on you, your past and your experiences that lead to you wanting to seek help with your stress. I simply cannot treat you the same way as I treat someone else as it will never be effective for you. I take into account your goals, what you want to achieve in this life, your individual lifestyle and assist you in finding your path through the stress and toward freedom.

But getting back to what would happen in a kinesiology appointment. Now we have talked about and found all your stress I don’t want you to walk out of the clinic door in this state because that would be a horrible experience and create even more stress. So what we do is take time to reset the mind and body, with the plan that you won’t react to this stress in the same manner anymore.

There is a range of techniques I use to what I call ‘clearing the stress’, these can include acupressure points, breathing techniques, visualisation and essential oils. These techniques have a powerful effect on our brain and body and all of them change the way our body produces neurotransmitters and hormones like serotonin or oxytocin, which control how we feel and behave. This is where the magic happens, where we can create the most positive life changes for you.

Generally at the end of an appointment my clients say they feel

  • Calm

  • Peaceful

  • Content

  • Free

With some easy changes to your lifestyle we can hold onto these positive feelings and move into life with a new sense of wellbeing.

If this is making a connection to you and you are interested in seeing what kinesiology can do for you, feel free to call me and we can have an obligation free phone call to talk about how I might be able to help or please book in a 60 minute Kinesiology appointment so we can start restoring your balance.

Phone number: 0401 638 067

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