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Bowen Therapy: a Master for Pain

I want to do a video about Bowen therapy but I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet. But that’s cool, you can read about it now and in the future watch a video. Who knows, you might offer to be my Bowen therapy star ;)

Straight into the details. Bowen therapy is used to treat the nervous system and the muscular system at the same time, so essentially you get 2 treatments for the price of one. It does not use manipulation like chiropractic does to restore the nervous system, but Bowen uses small movements over specific sites on the body. These sites are where the connective tissue contains both a muscle and a nerve, hence why we can reset the two systems at the one time.

Some of these movements you won’t feel at all while you might feel other movements a little more. I referred to these ones as a Zingy sensation and is where there is more imbalance for us to correct. As such the process of realigning the body causes a very quick, odd sensation.

Bowen therapy can be useful for but not limited to treating:

· Sporting injuries

· Falls or trip injuries

· To improve balance and posture

· Scoliosis

· Nerve issues and pain

· Jaw problems

· Frozen shoulder

· Headaches and migraines

· Poor mobility

· Dizziness

· Digestive issues and bowel problems

· Bladder problems such as bed wetting

Bowen also treats the cause of the issue, not simply the issue or injured part of the body. Because of this in every appointment we treat the entire back and neck through a sequence of movements and then focus in on your area of concern. We also treat both the left and the right side of the body and this is because there is no point in only looking at the area of concern or pain as that imbalance will be pulling other parts of the body out of alignment. Everything is connected in these magically bodies we have so we need to look a the whole body, not only the symptom (the pain).

An example is a client fell and rolled his ankle. I could have only treated the ankle as it was clearly the area of concern. But every appointment we treated his back and entire legs. See with an injury it can cause us to walk off centre and unconsciously create more problems in other areas as we use our muscles differently. If we hadn’t treated his back then all of those muscles would have been getting tighter and tighter until the ankle was fine but then the back would become a problem.

For this client we did several sessions in a quick time frame to help him calm down the area of pain and realign his body. However, some clients come and see me once every couple of weeks as a part of their maintenance program for poor work postures at a desk or to help with sport, training and general performance of the body.

An appointment will typically last between 30-45 minutes and I call this appointment Body Therapy as it is targeted therapy for your body and also includes massage, trigger points and dry needling. It can be provided through a layer of light clothing, although you may be asked to remove heavy or thick garments. 

Bowen Therapy is safe for all ages but make sure you use a registered therapist as it does involve a realignment of the body. I am registered with ATMS (number 29718) and covered for Bowen Therapy with my insurance company.

If you have any questions please email me on:

Or if you would like to book in, please click this link, find a suitable time and select Body Therapy as the treatment:

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