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Online do they work?

Lets jump straight into…

How does it work?

It is all about SCIENCE!!! You remember learning about Einstein and E=mc2 but this is generally about as far as our memory goes. So here is a little recap. He discovered that everything is made up of Energy and Matter. A little further on physics (Yuck, right?). We have a nucleus in the middle of a particle and there are electrons and protons that go around the nucleus to make up a whole particle. We used to believe these electrons were in set places but it has been discovered that these electrons move around a nucleus to create an entire energy field, called an electron cloud.

In other words, particles don’t simply consist of the solid element of the particle (the nucleus) but also a field of energy around it (the electron cloud). The physical part of our bodies is the Matter but the whole field around us is our Energy.

So this is a better representation of what our WHOLE self looks like with our physical body (or nucleus) as the solid Matter in the middle and our Energy which expands and moves around our Matter.

The next super cool part of science was they discovered that you can impact your energy field with the thoughts and feelings you have. It’s called the Observer Effect and here is a little example. Imagine you are at your favourite holiday destination. Use your mind to imagine you are actually there, what it felt like and the thoughts you had at the time. If you do this for a couple of minutes you will feel a shift in your energy to how you were feeling at the time you were on holiday – relaxed, peaceful, fulfilled, enjoyment etc.

Using this technique, for an online session we use our intention of sending your Energy to me at clinic and then I send it back once we have done the work and made your Energy sparkly and new. If you like, look again at the picture above. See how there are some sparks that are falling or going in a different direction to the majority of the sparks or there is the thick, clogged up band at the bottom. In your energy these would be those disruptive thoughts or feelings producing stress that you don't want anymore. The aim is to make your Energy all smoothly work together so your Matter knows what your goal is, to allow your best life to become true.

How do online appointments run? Just confirming, with an online session you don’t have to come into clinic to see me which opens up a world of flexibility for you. We have our appointment over the phone or online. It is best if you are alone in a quiet place, or at least somewhere where you won’t be interrupted. For example, if the family are home, please ask them to leave you alone in your bedroom until you come out of the room.

How is the appointment specific to you?

We still get all the information from you. I can read things to you, send photos to you to engage with and you can tell me what part of the content relates to you.

When we are normally doing a visualisation and I hold acupressure points is the only thing that would change. I will place a crystal in the spot the acupressure point would be. Otherwise it is business as usual, we talk about your stress, your situation, we activate the stress patterns in your body, and then we rewire the brain and body to respond differently to the stress in the future. We can still use visualisations, sound healing, affirmations, breathing techniques and all the other goodness to restore your balance. It is simply that you are not physically in the room with me, you are energetically in the room with me.

How long have I been doing session like this? I have been doing sessions online since 2017, but I have had session done on me remotely since 2015. I have a full understanding of how it works both from my perspective as a practitioner and for you as a client. I also have an online fatigue program that has an option of appointments included and I have run that purely from an online perspective with people around the world.

If you would like any further information please call and we can chat about it on 0401 638 067 or email me at

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